Best Profitable & Trustworthy Business Ideas To Do In Indian Market

In the present times, lower and middle-class people suffer much to survive in society with their no or low income in India. They fight much to earn some money for their food, cloth, and home. So friends today I tell about some best profitable business ideas to do in Indian market.

So that everyone wants to get a job or start a business of his own for his livelihood. Educated mass can get some job but low educated people may not get any job and they only depend on starting either a small or big business with low investment.

Best profitable business Ideas to earn some money

1.Phone Repair Services

Nowadays almost all people from a remote village to metro cities have mobile phones. It is expected that about 80 (eighty) crore of people in India, will have mobile phones by the end of 2022. There will be a big market for repairing mobile phones in the future.

So interested people can start a mobile phone repair service after learning a mobile phone repair course with a small expense. This service can be started in one’s own house without any investment.

For marketing purposes print business cards, brochures, and pamphlets and boards may be hanged in public places. After growing the business workshop may be shifted to a public place. By this business, one can earn nearly Rs.15000 to Rs.20000 a month.


2.Meal Service (Tiffin)

People living in towns and cities are very busy with their business and job. Their workplace is situated at a distance place. They are unable to prepare their daily food due to wanting time as they are out of their home early in the morning to attend their workplace. These people like to homemade food to be delivered at their workplace, home, and offices

You can start your small Meal service business with low investment and prepare food at your own kitchen. If you cannot prepare good and hygienic food yourself, you may hire a cook or take the help of family members. On-demand or getting orders, the tiffin boxes will be delivered at offices and homes of the needy people. By this business, one can earn nearly Rs.15000 to Rs.20000 or more in a month.

3. Babysitting / Daycare

Babysitting  Daycare

In towns and cities both working couples, having small babies face many difficulties in taking care of the babies during their absence at home. They want to keep their babies under the care of such people, who can take care of the babies with a supply of hygienic baby food, disposable diapers, and antiseptic lotions, few toys, first aid boxes, cribs, and mattresses.

So if you have spaces, you can start your Babysitting / Daycare business in your own home with a small investment for the purchase of the above goods and food material.

Nowadays, babysitting and daycare facilities are in very high demand due to the rise in the number of working couples.

4. Pickles, Sauces & Jams

Pickles, Sauces & Jams

Nowadays people like to use tomato sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce, tamarind sauce, and different kinds of jams while preparing food at homes, restaurants, hotels. The demand for these sauces increases day by day. People also demand verities of pickles at home. So there is good marketing in the business of pickles, sauces & Jams.

You can collect raw materials from different sources and prepare healthier, hygienic, and chemical-free traditional recipes that are pickles, sauces, and jams at your home with a small investment. You may sell these goods at your home and supply the market. By this business, one can earn nearly Rs.15000 to Rs.25000 or more in a month.

5. Travel Services Agent

Travel Services Agent

Nowadays many people like to travel and visit many places inside and outside India but due to lack of traveling knowledge they face many difficulties in deciding how and where to visit and where to stay at night in different places for which they seek the help of travel agents. The duty of a travel agent is to assist the people to choose the places to visit, the mode by which to travel and hotels to stay. They also assist to book air tickets, bus tickets, and train tickets and book hotels online. They arrange busses, taxis, vehicles in case of requirement.

If you are interested in travel services Agent and have knowledge in this regard, you can start this business from your own home with some investment otherwise you first acquire some knowledge about this business from various sources with minimum equipment such as computers, software, Internet service, facility of the phone, marketing materials.

6. Photography


Nowadays people want to take photographs of their every function like – wedding ceremony, birthday parties, corporate parties, and social events and every special occasion. For this purpose, they hire a photographer.

The demand for a photographer is increasing day by day. Photography is such a skill that one can start a business as a photographer. One can start a photography business without acquiring any professional course but he must have some good creative ideas, good operating knowledge of cameras.

If you are interested to start a business in photography you should have to purchase a camera, camera lenses, flashlights, tripods, reflectors, lights, and other equipment as per requirement. In the install stage, you may also take cameras on a rental basis from other photographers and return them after completion of your photography. After practice of some days, you will be a very good and efficient photographer and you can earn Rs.30000 to Rs.50000 per event.

7. Beauty Parlour

Beauty Parlour

Nowadays men and women want to look good. So they are going beauty parlor to make their beauty treatment. There is a high demand for beauticians. Hence beauty parlour business is a profitable business.

One should do a beautician course for 2-3 months and join any parlour and get to learn different methods and technics also you watch YouTube tutorials to learn how things are done step by step.

At the outset, you should choose the location weather to start the business at your own home or find a crowd location on a rent basis.

You should purchase the essential items like – basic tools, comfy chairs, and some products like – shampoo, wax, threads, facial creams, manicure, pedicure, chemicals for nail, and hair.

You can also hire well trained and experienced staff. Your staff must be friendly and accommodating for expanding your parlour business. You must always use A-one quality products in your parlour. Your parlour must be odor free, relaxing, and safe. Always keep the products you want to use at display racks which add good impression and attraction to the customer to buy products. Good satisfaction of customers and clients will lead your business to expand more and more.

8. Home-Based Food Service

Home-Based Food Service

Home-based foodservice means the services given by selling your homemade foods to the people.

If you are good at cooking, passionate at cooking new recipes, and ambitious, you may turn your hobby of cooking in a small home-based business.

Procedure to get started home-based food service:

First of all, get it confirmed that your locality allows you to use your kitchen for commercial use.

You have to keep in mind the point of liability insurance in case if someone gets sick after having one of your meals.

You must get to know about food allergies and dietary restrictions. Some of the areas do require a certification from the health department for the ones who prepare foods.

You must have required FSSAI certification for your home-based food service business.

How people will come to know about your food:

Take the help of local media and tell about you and your services through it. It is preferable to give an educational note about the significance of hygienic and healthy food. In this way, people will likely get more inclined towards you by this note.

Abilities required:

• You should be committed to placing your orders on the promised time.

• You have to maintain the gusto and energy of providing excellent food.

Choose the best market/store in your surrounding:

Look around for the store you are best acquainted with. There must be a well-reputed out-let which is steady so you can consult your food items with the owner of that store and you can carry on this way. It can also be considered to supply your food to the tuck shop of any school and college.

You have to figure out and select your market to sell your food items. You can try at :

  • Small grocery stores.
  • Gift shops.
  • Delicatessens.
  • Health food stores.
  • Schools/college canteens

Final checklist & conclusion

Before investing in any business you should have to require the necessary skills to ensure its proper working procedure.

Before starting a business it is advisable to know licensing procedures and other legalities concerned.

It is required to legitimize your business which can help you get loans and subsidies from banks in the future. It will also protect you against any lawsuits.

There are so many such types of Business ideas which will help you to earn money.

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