India is Running in The Fifth Week of COVID-19, What Will Happen to India?

India is running in the fifth week of COVID-19 Beginning 23rd March, India steps into the 5th week, and India’s fate is about to be determined. We will either make history or become history itself.

We have read about the horrors of the plague in many works of literature and history. We have read that the dead bodies could not be burned and so dumped into the river. History says that every 100 years a pestilence has surfaced. The result is the death of millions of people, famine, and deprivation. Whenever man’s oppression of nature reaches its peak, nature disciplines us with punishment brutal punishment.

What is so critical about this 5th week? At present, the number of official infections in India is 415. But, many infected people without symptoms are moving around freely and unknowingly infecting others out of their own ignorance. If symptoms are detected in all, coronavirus will enter the third stage in India.

It’s a mathematical calculation. In Italy, during the fourth week, the number of infected people was 6332, in the fifth week it jumped to 21,159. In Iran, in the course of two weeks, the number of infected persons has swelled from 245 to 12,729. What is so dreadful about it? Fear lies in the fact that India is still behind the other countries by about two weeks in terms of the detection of the virus in the population. Therefore, the next week is very crucial for India.

India is running in the fifth week of COVID-19




Let’s assume there are 4 infected people in Kolkata. Before they are isolated, it may be assumed that they have come in contact with 400 to 500 people. These 400 to 500 people are themselves not aware that they are infected. So they are spreading the virus to several other people. Think about how far the number can go from the initial 4 when the symptoms are detected in all. Whether it’s a computer or a human body, the process of spreading the virus is the same. It might be too late when the infection is confirmed. 

Why the curfew?

Prime Minister has requested everyone to stay at home. on 22 March, Why? Scientifically, the virus spreads through a specific human chain: two to ten, ten to hundred, and so on. The virus spreads from man to man by simple mathematical design. If a brake is applied to this chain, it is possible to gradually put an end to the spread of this virus. What happens when a bicycle chain breaks?

The wheel stops. Likewise, to prevent the COVID-19 to reach stage three during the fifth week, we needed to break the human chain with a day’s curfew. Otherwise, the only option the country will have is to go for total lockdown. India is sure to reach the third stage. The government only wants to delay reaching there. Purpose: to break the virus chain. It is impossible for a populous country like India to display generosity like Canada.

So, at this point, please obey the guidelines issued by the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister without any political overtones. This is not the time for politics, but an International emergency. Please remember that politicians are not alone in making these decisions.

They are working on the recommendations of the experts. These experts could be scientists from you and my family and friends, who are highly competent, qualified, and knowledgeable. So please obey the government guidelines in toto. No government can save India unless you cooperate.

Why India’s risk is high?

It’s because of India’s population density. Experts say that the infection potential of India could cross 300 million people. Since the number of hospitals in India is low compared to the population, if COVID-19 pestilence happens, most people will die without treatment. It is beyond your imagination how quickly this virus can spread to over 130 crores of people if uncontrolled. Even if one has chances to recover, there will be no one to treat the patient too few doctors, too few hospitals! We have fought over building many monuments, but we never thought of building more hospitals!

The “to-do” list for the fifth week of COVID-19:

1. Complete your weekly shopping today. Buy one week’s requirement of rice, pulses, oil salt, spices, etc. Please do not stock more to avoid price rise and scarcity. Include soybean, eggs, yogurt, and other protein sources in the list. Protein helps to build immunity, and this immunity can protect you from the virus.

2. By any means, the virus chain must be broken. To remain at home in self- isolation. Do not allow anyone to come to your home, and do not go anywhere. Stay away from your near and dear ones (except your family) for some time. Mentally, prepare yourself to remain at home until 31st March. Then the Govt will decide as per the situation. The government will certainly take further decisions based on the situation in India in April. You remain in self-quarantine until the end of March.

3. Everyone knows about hand washing. If possible, buy some extra soap. It is good if you can get hold of some handwash or sanitizer. Please take around twenty seconds to wash your hands, ensuring that the soap or handwash reaches every nook and corner of your hands. If you take money from someone, hold a shopping bag, marinate meat, touch a table, chair, trolley, or any surface, hand washing is mandatory. If you touch anything outside, you should wash your hands with soap and should not touch your nose or mouth with your hands.

4. Firstly, stay at home, secondly, stay at home, and finally stay at home! The last word is that you stay at home! At least for the week that follows. Without considering what others are doing, you stay home.

5. Please ignore rumors spread over social media and spread this positive information. Please call up your near and dear ones and advise them to stay at home. The power of social media is immense. This is the right time to use it in the right way. You are also a soldier in this battle.

The war begins tomorrow morning. This crisis could be even worse than the Third World War. Some people prefer to take the situation lightly before the danger strikes. But the danger is imminent. If you think I’m scaring you, you are right. A terrified mind is much more effective than an “I don’t care” or “will cross the bridge when it comes” attitude. If COVID-19 infection gets to the fourth stage in India, you will not find a sufficient number of crematoriums for the dead.

If you are complacent that nothing serious has happened today, tomorrow your joy might turn into grief if the eyes of your loved one are forever closed. We and we alone can save our country from this disaster. We must do what the people of Italy or Canada have not done to prevent COVID-19. Remember that the history of this epidemic is going to be read by our children and grandchildren. If we live to see it, then we are going to bear witness to this history. So come, let’s create history History of India, our beloved India. Members of the ICMR also feel the same. However, to obey or not to obey is your prerogative!

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