How to Earn Money From Tik Tok | 6 Genuine Ways to Earning from Tik Tok

How to Earn Money From Tik Tok

TikTok, a trending application for making short videos, nowadays TikTok is growing much more, TikTok has recently become the most downloaded social media app in India, It has been installed over 1 billion times on the Google Play Store, become a popular platform to earn money online. The main reason behind this is the effect of marketing. Through this, people who can influence others can only earn money using their TikTok account. If you want to choose this way of making money, then follow the steps given below.

I know there are many people who use TikTok, but they don’t know how to earn money from TikTok. Yes, guys, this is probably because TikTok is not as popular and a stable platform like YouTube.

So many people still think that TikTok is only for entertainment purposes. And many people think they cannot earn money from Tik Tok, because many people don’t have proper knowledge of how to earn money from. So today I clear these confusions of you, please read the complete article for how to earn money from Tik Tok.

So let’s go ahead and you get detailed information on how to earn money from Tik Tok one of the best methods used in today’s times how to earn money from Tik Tok.

How to Earn Money From Tik Tok

1. Make Money Through Gifting

TikTok was the era of the first musical. Where its live-streaming platform became very popular among the people.
Even though Musically has changed its name to TikTok but its live streaming feature is also popular but now it is being called Go Live. At the same time, a Tiktoker needs to live-stream at least 1,000 followers.
At the same time, when you are live streaming, your followers gift you coins if your videos are liked by them. Once you have collected a lot of coins, you can convert them into real money.

You can consider these coins to be the virtual currency of TikTok. In this, TikTok users have to purchase these coins. After purchasing, they store these coins in an online wallet. At the same time, if they like the performance of any of the Tiktokers, they gift these coins while performing live.

Tip One thing to keep in mind is that if you are a Tiktoker then you have to take special care of your audience. Otherwise, they cannot provide you with coins. At the same time, only one user offers them to a TikTok manufacturer when it has received the best performance. Artists can redeem gift points that have a maximum limit of $ 1,000 per day whenever they want.

2. Through brand partnership and influence marketing

What is influence marketing: Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to spread your brand’s message to a larger market. Instead of marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you rent/pay to motivate/influence the word for it.

TikTok is also not very different from the rest of the social platforms. If you are a popular TikTok influencer, you will soon be in the eye of the brands. At the same time when they start contacting you, they can ask you to partner with them through impressive promotions. If you follow a lot of followers and you have many hearts on your video on a regular basis.

Then there is a lot of hope that you will contact many brands and together they will check your entire activities. Some companies provide you very good money in brand partnership. In this, all you have to do is promote the products of that brand in your video. Not much to do.

These promotions are one thing to note that there should be no promotion at all. Rather it should use a natural product. This naturally causes users to splash towards that brand. In this way, you can easily earn money from TikTok by promoting the brand. For which you do not need to contact any brand, instead they contact you on their own.

3. Participating in brand-sponsored events

Many Tiktokers make good money by participating in off-platform. This will only happen if you have a very good reputation on the TikTok platform. Brands approach such popular creators and invite them to come there.
They provide you a lot of money to be there. For example, if you are a good musician, in such a situation you can also sing a song in that event. With which you will get good exposure as well as money.
Below are some other unique ways to make money with TikTok. It is very easy if you have a lot of followers. If you want to know How to earn money from TikTok.

4. Sales your own Merchandise

If you have a very good support base on TikTok, in such a situation you can set up your Shopify eCommerce store, and there you can sell your merchandise to your audience. If you spend some time in this area then you can become a good market. With which you can create a brand using your TikTok imagery and you can sell that brand as goods.

You just have to adopt some things within your brand that are a little unique and which today’s people like to use more. Like T-shirts, bands, bracelets, etc.

At the same time, keep in mind that your TikTok followers do not come here to see advertisements. So you have to upload videos in which you promote your experience in these videos but in a more attractive way. At the same time, you can make a small change in your sales just as you can start affiliate markers. Wherever the seller sells your products, give them a good start so that more sellers connect with you. Apart from this, you can also use discounts and deals to increase your sales. So that more people buy your products and you can earn better.

5. Promote cross with other social networks

This is a very old way of diverting your audience from one platform to another. So that you can make full use of your audience.

Meaning that if you have a great following on TikTok, by using this platform, you can increase your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook following. Because many times that most of the Tiktokers also have running a successful YouTube channel.

In such a situation, you can increase your social media following. Also, you can cross your cargo. So that it is easy to identify your brand.

6. Work for Tiktokers

Many famous Tiktokers need a good editor, videographer to shoot videos and editing their own TikTok Videos. So if you have knowledge about editing, then contact some Tiktokers and send sample videos and ask them for video editing work.

List of top 10 TikTok  influencers in India 2020:

  1. Riyaz Ali

Riyaz Alley is India’s most famous TikTok star with 38.4 million followers. Riyaz Ali is the fastest user of TikTok to reach 38.4 million followers. He is popular for his lip-sync, dancing, and comedy videos. He was a comedian and is now one of the most famous TikTok stars.

2. Nisha Guragain

Nisha Guragain comes in at number two when it is the most followed Indian TikTok star with 25.1 million followers. Nisha often posts videos on famous topics. Due to their acting skills, their pairing is very few but popular.

3. Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar is an amazingly talented Indian TikTok star with 24.9 million followers. In addition to being a TikTok celebrity, he is also a talented dancer and choreographer. He has a YouTube channel where he posts his dance and choreography videos. He also has a good following on Instagram.

4. Arishfa Khan

Arishfa Khan is a popular television actress and social media star. She started her professional career with a television series called ‘Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera’ within the year 2012. Since then she has also played artist roles in several other series. She has 26.3 million followers on TikTok.

5. Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair is an Indian actress, singer, voice artist, and TikTok star. She is originally known for her work in television and Bollywood industry. Her success reached a different level when she started posting lip-sync videos on the TikTok app. She has 25.6 million followers in her account.

6. Avneet Kaur

She is clearly a well-known face not only on TikTok but also on TV. Avneet Kaur currently has 21.2 million followers on TikTok. The actress has been a part of many dance reality shows such as Dance Superstar and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. She made her Bollywood debut with Rani Mukherjee starter ‘Mardaani’.

7. Garima Chaurasia

Garima Chaurasia has 20.1 million followers on TikTok. Garima Chaurasia gained her popularity through the TikTok video of Bohot Hard Songs. She is definitely becoming popular day by day due to her videos and campaigns on Tik Tok.

8. Sameeksha Sud

Sameeksha Sud is a very famous TikTok star and Indian television actress. She has also worked in many T.V serials, but she gains a lot of popularity with her comedy and entertaining videos on TikTok. She has 22.6 million followers on the TikTok app.

9. Lucky Dancer

Lucky Dancer is also an actor, model, freestyle dancer, and a TikTok star. Lucky’s real name is Arhan Khan. He is mostly known for his lip-sync videos on TikTok. He has 17.2 million followers on the app. Lucky has his own YouTube channel called LuckDancerTV and uploads dance videos to it.

10. Manjul Khattar

Manjul has 13.9 million followers on TikTok and his video made him quite famous in a very short period of time. He has earned the badge for being a ‘TikTok’ comedian and style factor. Manjul Khattar has also demonstrated his skills as a singer and guitarist.

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