How to Earn Money From Internet

Nowadays it is very difficult to get a job in spite of high education and technical knowledge. The young people moving hither and thither with their educational professional testimonials to get a Job but they are harassed and depressed. Hence I would like to inform you How to Earn Money From the Internet.

Nowadays our India has grown digitally. There are many more facilities on the Internet by which we can make business and earn money without investing much money. Now I am telling you to do the following five ways

How to Earn Money From Internet

  1. Blogging

Blogging 2

What is Blogging?

The blog is one’s a personal website in which one’s articles are written. Google AdSense approves your blog for ads which when clicked by viewers one gets money from Google AdSense. The more the ads are clicked more the money is earned.

   How to Create a Blog

There’re two ways to start a blog. The first one is by creating a free website on And the second one is which costs an investment of Rs.3, 000 or more on your own domain name, hosting, and other Blogging Tools. This starting process of a blog is easy and does not take more than 1 hour. You can design add your logo, and set up your blog. Then to make the Blog Attractive and Beautiful, Blogger can add some beautiful images, Videos to the Blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 2

     What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one kind of performance-based marketing in which a certain percentage of commission is being paid for each product purchased by the customers by the influence of the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

For Example – Amazon Associates, Flipkart, eBay Partner Network, Shopify, etc.

Who can start affiliate marketing?

Persons having the power of talking, writing, explaining, and motivating others can start Affiliate Marketing.

Persons who have the skill of promoting products online through Social Media, Advertisements, creating an affiliate website linking the products on the website. One can also unbox the products on his own YouTube channel and show products to the viewers and influence them to purchase the products.

3. YouTube

Youtube 2

Creating a YouTube Channel is the easiest way of all which needs no investments

YouTube gets about 7 billons videos views a day which proves its power on the internet many more famous Youtubers have earned much more money now days

You can also achieve much success by capitalizing on the opportunity of YouTube.

Some reports reveal that the use of the Internet by people will grow so much. Hence you should create more and more YouTube channels of your own as per your choice of interest and hobbies.

Who can start YouTube?

Persons interested in creating videos, like to talk about the video, shoot documentaries or short films.

Skills Required – For creating YouTube Videos, basic knowledge of using software tools for video editing or record videos using your mobile phone or DSLR camera, microphone, and Light System with a Personal PC or Laptop.

Times Required for Starting a YouTube Channel –

You can start your YouTube channel within a minute. You will just visit the, sign-up with your Gmail id, follow the YouTube instructions, and create the channel.

Top 5 YouTube Channels Topics in 2020

If you are confused about choosing a topic kindly follow the following topics suggested below

  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Entertainment
  • LifeStyle Vlogging
  • Education & Technical

4. Freelancing

Freelnce 2

     What is a freelancer?

A person who is self-employed and hired by different companies and organizations to work for them on particular jobs is called a Freelancer. A freelancer works in different categories of work like Web Development and Designing, Teaching and Tutoring, Freelance Writing and Copywriting, Creative Design, Sales and Marketing, Graphic Designing, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, SEM, Branding and Public Relations, Admin Support or Assistance, 3D Modeling and CAD, Game Development, Translation, Web Research, Legal Services, Article, and Blog Writing, Photography, Customer Service, Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager, Logo Design and Illustration, Audio and Video Production, Data Entry Jobs, Human Resource Management, Architecture Services

Who can start Freelancing?

Jobless people who like to be self-employed can start Freelancing depending on their skills, talent, and experience in various expects of life.

Skills Required – Any type of skill well known to the person.

Where can you find freelancing jobs:–

For freelancing, you can visit the following below mentioned top websites to sign up and fill your details.


5. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs 2Data Entry Jobs 1

A data entry job is a simple and easy job. In this work, you will have to type the data for your clients accurately and speedily through your Computer, Laptop, or Mobile Phone. The clients will pay you money for this work

Nowadays many people have no faith in data entry jobs because many more clients do not pay money crating fraud sites. So to avoid visiting fraud sites, you should visit the following genuine sites to earn money without any fraud



Most people want to earn extra money sitting in their homes with the help of the internet. Especially the students want to earn money through part-time engagement in several ways. So if you like to earn extra money from the internet you should have to follow the instructions and ways mentioned in this blog.

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