How Coronavirus Affecting Entire World

As we all know very well how Coronavirus affecting entire world. The devastation of the Corona Virus is so unbearable and intolerable that people have to suffer a lot from it. Not only this, but many countries are also starting to lock down their entire country to stop this coronavirus epidemic.

For Example India Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday ramped up the fight. Declared the entire country a complete lockdown for 21 days from 12:00 AM last night. This means that now no one will be able to come out of the house and will remain locked in his house instead of any emergency.

Coronavirus affecting entire world

What will stay open & what will be closed on this lockdown period

The biggest reason behind taking such a big approach is that there is no way to stop the coronavirus. It can be stopped only by not getting out of the house. Like our PM Narendra Modi said if you people cannot stay at home for 21 days, then we will go back 21 years.

This virus is started from China, this Virus has really victimized millions of people in a very short time and is still doing it together. According to a report, as of March 25, more than 20,831 people have died so far. More than 460,604 people have been found to be COVID-19 positive. And 113,798 people recovered from it. You can guess that this disease is really taking a terrible form.

In such a situation, it is for the benefit of the government only by following the things given by the government and following the suggestions given by the Doctors. In such a situation, today we thought that why should you share some important information related to the coronavirus havoc so that you too can get some knowledge. Then let’s start.

Complete information about coronavirus

Coronavirus is actually part of the family of viruses that cause a lot of diseases in humans, ranging from the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Experts believe that these viruses have actually reached humans through animals. Like for example, we have got SARS disease from civet cats, while MERS disease has come to us from a camel. In the same way, there are still many such coronaviruses that are still found in animals, but they have not yet infected us, humans.

How was the coronavirus named?

The name Coronavirus is derived from a Latin word corona, which means a crowned face. That is, if you look at this virus with the help of an electron microscope, then you will see that around this Virus also appears like a crown, which is its solar corona.

When and where the coronavirus was first detected?

This novel coronavirus was first found in the city of Wuhan by Chinese authorities on January 7, 2020. That is why it was first named SARS-CoV-2. This was a new species that had never been found in us humans before. There is little information in the context of this Virus, but it is clear that this Virus can easily transmit from one person to another.

Symptoms of coronavirus disease?

Now let us know whether we can find out whether someone is suffering from Corona Virus or not. That is, let’s know what the Symptoms of this Corona Virus are.

According to WHO (World Health Organization ), a person suffering from Corona Virus has many types of infection, which include fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, etc.

At the same time, if the cases become more severe, then there is a possibility of pneumonia, multiple organ failure, and even death in the person. According to the present study, the incubation period of this Virus is about 1 to 14 days. That is also the time period from infection to the appearance of symptoms. In most cases, these symptoms appear in people within five to six days.

At the same time, it is also a special thing that infected patients are also asymptomatic, which means that despite having a virus in their body, they do not have any type of symptoms.

How much more dangerous is the coronavirus?

By the way, about 8,600 recorded humans have died among people suffering from Corona Virus. These deaths have also exceeded the 2002–2003 SARS outbreaks, which originated in China at the time.

Nearly 9 percent of the people infected with SARS Virus were killed – about 800 people worldwide and more than 300 people in China alone.

At the same time, when talking about this new coronavirus, it is spreading very fast, compared to SARS and MERS. But the Mortality Rate in this is very low which is around 3.4 percent, this thing is really very satisfactory.

Government Guideline to Stop Coronavirus

How Coronavirus Affecting Entire World

Now, how can you avoid COVID-19 and what are the protection measures that you can use to save yourself and others. Let us now know about these.

1. Social distancing is for everyone, if you do not feel well, then you should stay at home. Whereas if you see some mild symptoms like headache and runny nose then you should stay at home.


This is because if you stay at home, then you can stop this type of infection till your home. You can be treated correctly and effectively. Possible COVID-19 and other Viruses can be limited to you.

2. If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, then you should consult a doctor immediately for medical advice, as it may also indicate a respiratory infection or other serious condition.


This is because with this you can get all health facilities from your health care provider in advance immediately. At the same time, you can prevent COVID-19 Virus from reaching others.

3. Precautions to be used, a record should be kept of all staff in contact with a possible case, and travelers register in place and this record should be accessible to occupational health should the need arise.

Hand Hygienic: This is essential before and after all patient contact, Use soap and water to wash hands or an alcohol hand rub if hands are visibly clean.


It is recommended to avoid travel from/to potential risk areas and in the case inform the medical authorities immediately in the case of symptoms.

I hope you have liked my article. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the symptoms of coronavirus to the readers.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

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